Bobby A Ayub

Bobby A Ayub

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Senior Management


WW Inside Sales Manager

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Antivia Ltd

te London


50 t/m 99 personen



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Bobby A Ayub
Having both Business and Technical education and experience my goal is: to use my qualifications and experiences at national and/or international level, in an open and challenging environment that promotes innovation and creativity, where I can deliver, share, progress, and continue to develop others and myself.

My professional network reach is from Europe, MEA and APAC.
I have worked as Business and IT Consultant, Sales Manager and had my own recruitment company. These roles have allowed me to use and share my knowledge and also learn.
I am an Entrepreneur and visionary who likes to help individuals and businesses to start-up, develop, improve and grow.
I do what I do with passion, devotion and dedication and take pride in my achievements.

Specialties: - Business consulting: Account Management, Customer Relations, Entrepreneurial mindset, Finance, Sales, Business Development, Supporting start-up companies.
- IT software: QlikView, SAP R3, Exact, DELPHI, Java, HTML, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, Pascal. And hardware.
- Systems & Process: Management Information Systems, Business Intelligence, Logistics, Supply Chain Management.
- Languages: English, Dutch, French, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.
-Network spreading from EU to Middle East en Asia.
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TopicsDiensten, Detachering, ICT-branche, Systeembeheer, Besturingssystemen, Infrastructuur, Mobility, Internet, Softwarebeheer, Development, CRM, ERP, Datamanagement, Business Intelligence, Management.Netwerkbeheer, Netwerken, Security, Storage, Cloud Computing, Virtualisatie, Outsourcing, Architectuur.
Skills  Wireless, Windows PC, ITIL, Informatica, HTML/CSS, Excel, Delphi, Access.SQL, SAP, PowerBuilder, MySQL, Javascript, iPhone/iPad, Citrix.
Sectoren  Training/opleiding, Testen/implementeren, Projectmanagement, Marketing/promotie, Management, Helpdesk/support, Consulting/advies, Commercie.Webmanagement, Technisch ontwerp, Software-ontwikkeling, Kantoorautomatisering, Applicatiebeheer.
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