Alexander van der Plaats

Alexander van der Plaats is een expert van Computable voor de topics: Systeembeheer, Datamanagement en Mobility.

Alexander van der Plaats

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Marketing Manager Dell|KACE Western Europe Region

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Dell | KACE

te Amsterdam




1000-1500 personen



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1 tot 10 personen

Alexander van der Plaats
Alexander van der Plaats (1974) is Dell’s Marketing Manager for Endpoint Systems Management for the Western Europe Region. He is working at Dell since April 2005.
In his role he is responsible for managing the marketing and programs execution for Dell | KACE which is part of the Dell Software Group.

Alexander worked in various Sales and marketing roles within Dell. He was a marketing manager and member of the Dutch Public Sector Management Team.
Before joining Dell Alexander worked in the office products industry. Alexander has a commercial background. He studied international management.
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