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ing. Edwin Beekman is een expert van Computable voor de topics: Infrastructuur, Netwerken en Netwerkbeheer.

ing. Edwin Beekman

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Edwin  Beekman
Several years of experience in designing/building/configuring/securing and maintaining complex distributed infrastructures with a strong focus on 24/7 customer delivery.

Current Mission Critical customers are for example: KLM, Eneco, BOL, Rabobank Direct Banking, Rabobank Mobiel, ASR, Robeco, etc.

Goal is to become an absolute crack in the networking area.
With a focus on broad and detailed knowledge of all kinds of current networking equipment and techniques.
New techniques like Openflow, Virtual networking, SDN which we are integrating with Nicira and CloudStack.

Besides special dedicated customer infrastructures my interest is also in the development of ISP, ATOM86 in the Netherlands.

Short list:
- Virtual Networking: Nicira
- Switching: Cisco, 3Com, Juniper, Arista
- Switching techniques: spanning-tree, vlan, trunking, bridging
- Routing: Cisco, Juniper
- Routing techniques: bgp, eigrp, ospf, isis, ipv4/6, NAT
- loadbalancing: Cisco CSS/ACE, F5
- loadbalancing techniques: Global Loadbalancing, DNS
- Security: Cisco PIX/ASA, Nokia Checkpoint, Fortinet, Juniper
- Security techniques: IPsec vpn, tunnels
- Long distance: CWDM/DWDM (SmartOptics, MRV), Leasedlines, eVPN's
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Topics---Architectuur, Outsourcing, Virtualisatie, Cloud Computing, Internet, Mobility, Infrastructuur, Besturingssystemen, Security, Systeembeheer, Netwerken, Telecom, Netwerkbeheer.
Sectoren  ---Beveiliging, Consulting/advies, Datacom/telecom, Netwerk engineering/beheer, Research/wetenschap, Systeembeheer, Technisch ontwerp.