John Aalders

John Aalders is een expert van Computable voor de topics: Cloud Computing en ERP.

John Aalders

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John  Aalders
I am a seasoned manager, with a solid trackrecord, and have led and been part of, multiple full cycle ERP implementation business teams to drive organisational change. Branche knowledge and experience are retail, franchise, logistics, steel production, chemicals and automotive. Strong in ICT and people skills, with a sharp antenna for stakeholder interest.

After being on the customer side in positions as project-, program- and ICT-manager for 14 years, I switched to servicing the customer in 2005. Initially for Sogeti as manager of it's greenfield Dynamics business proposition; later in 2008 for the ITSP Group as unit manager; then to Managing director, and now as independent partner of the Kaya group.

My current focus is on interim positions, I am able and willing to travel, and speak my languages. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
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TopicsManagement, ERP, ICT-branche.Business Intelligence, Datamanagement, CRM, Development, Softwarebeheer, Cloud Computing.
Sectoren  Consulting/advies, Management, Projectmanagement.Commercie, Software-ontwikkeling, Systeembeheer, Testen/implementeren.